• Sustainability Pledge

    Sustainability is essential to our future. SBFI Group recognises the importance of commitment – we strive to make changes that not only reduce the impact on the globe but also craft a future for the next generation of clients and employees.

    To devote the company to sustainable change, the global board has signed a pledge committing SBFI Group to action at least fifty progressive and tangible changes to how we think and work by 2026, our 50th anniversary.

    Why is a signed pledge necessary?

    “There’s no better way to focus our sustainable efforts than having the board involved, essentially giving the green light to innovate our way through this encounter.” – James Bradford, Marketing Officer.

    By committing to change publicly, our intentions undoubtedly meet the most impact. The pledge helps us to communicate our environmental, wellness and charitable commitments with employees and customers, crucially holding ourselves accountable.

    SBFI President signs Sustainability Pledge with three regional leaders surrounding in anticipation.

    What results will the pledge bring?

    The commitment streamlines our intentions and opens new scopes for tackling the cause. With a new budget enforced, investing in sustainable research and development is further made possible – aligning the environment with our overall business values. The pledge looks to see through at least fifty sustainable changes and comes as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impact.

    A regional manager speaks to the company board at a conference table - many eyes look to him.

    We are already on our way to achieving our outlined goals by 2026; we invite you to participate in our initiatives by subscribing to our Fifty for 50 campaign.

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