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    SBFI has a proud history of creating unique solutions for the world’s largest organisations. They have been providing technical furniture to the financial, control room and creative workplace sectors since 1976, longer than anyone else in the market. Their mission is simple; to design great furniture which seamlessly connects people to their technology.

    In the 1970s, computers were beginning to move out of dedicated rooms and onto people’s desks, particularly on trading floors in London. There was a requirement for bespoke designs, bringing people together with the latest technology in a comfortable and efficient manner.

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    Initially, desks had to house early computer equipment, which presented challenges when aiming to meet ergonomic requirements. Nowadays with equipment becoming smaller and lighter, the company faces new challenges and aims to evolve with new technology with pioneering ergonomic, human-centered design.

    This challenge remains at the core of SBFI’s work ethic and the company is still at the forefront of ergonomic developments in terms of integrating people with their technology. SBFI’s rich history has allowed the company to predict trends and pioneer the market with fresh thinking and new workplace designs.

    SBFI was one of the first manufacturers to recognise the benefits of sit-stand working, and the first to develop a new desk designed around the ergonomic requirements of the latest European Norm EN 527. Its newest desking range ASPECT, was created to meet a wide range of needs, current and future. Its modular design can be adapted to a wide range of formats and technical demands. From pc housings to sit-stand adaptability to heat management, ASPECT is suited to the most demanding applications whilst it is also capable of fitting into a back office environment perfectly.

    Recently, the company has invested heavily into the research and development of ARC, a new award-winning dynamic monitor arm. Following the same philosophy of integrating people with their technology, ARC has been developed to allow for effortless installation, use and adjustment. With exceptional reach and smooth travel, the new monitor arm lets the user arrange their workspace with complete ease. The ARC monitor arm can be tailored for any weight up to 10kg with dual screen capacity, simply by turning the adjuster. No tools required. ARC has been awarded with NeoCon’s best in show silver award, IF Award & Ergonomic excellence award.

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