• History of the Monitor Arm

    Since our founding in 1976, we have been driven to design products that seamlessly connect people with their evolving technology.

    During the late Nineties, businesses began the shift away from bulky cathode-ray tube monitors in favour of slim, flat-panel LCD displays. These allowed desk depths to shrink from 1200mm to 950mm, with the effect of fitting more desks into existing floor spaces.  Our Universal desk was designed in anticipation of this transition, with a frame that could compact in size.

    "97 Arm" (1997-1998)

    Monitor Arm in 1997

    The ‘97 arm lifted monitors up from the work surface, giving a greater sense of space and clear desktop.  Designed to mount an IBM flatscreen, each arm was customised between projects to suit different brands of monitors.

    "Pipe arm" (1998 - 2000)

    Monitor Arm in 1998

    As flatscreens became increasingly popular, the “Pipe” arm was developed, allowing increased articulation and reach: users could pull the screen closer to them and adjust both the height and angle.


    Manufacturers had also started to standardise the VESA mounting plates, increasing compatibility across the range.

    "The Aluminium Arm" (2000 - 2003)

    Monitor Arm in 2000

    The aluminium arm was the first from SBFI to feature cable management by means of an adjustable cable clip.


    Finished in anodised black as standard, with silver available on request, featuring etched logos on the joints for an even more premium look.

    "The Polymer Arm" (2003-2007)

    Monitor arm in 2003

    With the increasing popularity of the aluminium arm, a polymer arm was also designed to provide a more economical option. Retaining strong functionality and style this quickly became a popular addition to the market.

    Axiom MK1 (2007-2010)

    Monitor Arm in 2007

    The introduction of our Triax desk came a new monitor arm. Returning to cast aluminium due to its ease of recycling, and including a built-in cable management system, Axiom MK1 represented a step change in flat screen arm design.


    We carefully sculpted the aluminium casting with the now signature lines which are a common sight across trade floors the world over.


    Axiom’s 10KG capacity introduced a new level of flexibility, with both post and slat-wall mounting options available, together with C-clamp and through-post options available for greater flexibility.

    Axiom MK2 (2010 - Present)

    Monitor Arm in 2010

    As flat screen technology evolved, screen sizes continued to increase from 19” to 27” and beyond.


    To accommodate this the Axiom arm links were extended. This allowed two larger screens to be mounted on a single post, enabling a hefty 25kg when post-mounted.


    Axiom became the top selling trade floor and control room arm to date globally and remains so over a decade since release.


    Axiom is available in SBFI silver as standard and jet black upon request.

    Arc Dynamic flat screen Arm (2018 - Present)

    Monitor Arm in 2018

    Arc is our first dynamic flat screen arm, ideal for general office, home working, control rooms, retail and many other settings.


    Providing the highest levels of adjustability and flexibility, Arc has won a series of design and ergonomic awards including Red Dot, Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) and IF.



    Arc allows the user to fine tune the tension for different screen weight with a sample hand dial and adding a second monitor is a breeze. This has been hugely popular for 24-7 control centre environments whereby multiple users from shift changes can quickly and easily adjust the monitor position for their own preferences.


    Inspired by both functionality and style. Arc has flowing lines and tactile surfaces, looking as comfortable in the home as it does in the office.


    The success of the Arc monitor arm and the SBFI Group rebrand has driven our sub brand, Arc workspace.


    For more information about Arc & Axiom or to book an online demonstration of the arms, please contact your local office.


    Luke Dockerill

    Account Manager EMEA


    07923 375 631

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