• Meet Harry George – Design Engineer

    We’re proud of our in-house teams across SBFI Group and celebrate their work all over the world. What does it mean to work for SBFI Group?

    We asked Harry George, our newest Design Engineer based in Newhaven, East Sussex, a few questions about his SBFI experience so far.

    What drew you into design? What did you do before SBFI?

    I have loved design ever since I was a child, imagining new projects and putting things together. I was just finishing my Mechanical Engineering Design Masters, and when I saw the opportunity with SBFI, it felt like the right place to expand my knowledge and experience creating desks and workstations.

    At university, you get the techniques, but you can only go so far. What you don’t get is the expertise, the wealth of knowledge and the process of creating great work. SBFI Group is quite an open, innovative company, and what attracted me was the group’s history and their commitment to make great products.

    What does it mean to be a design engineer at SBFI?

    At the moment I support the team in creating designs to match client requirements. No two designs have been the same and coming up with solutions has been quite fun. I just love the combination of creativity and mathematics and it never fails to be satisfying seeing all the pieces come together.

    What are you looking forward to doing at SBFI in the next few months?

    I want to learn and grow, and as I gain experience, I look forward to tackling bigger, more complex projects. The team at SBFI have already given me opportunities to take on some cool design work and want to see one of my projects from design to final installation.


    Harry George standing at slatted wall at SBFI offices

    If you want to hear more about our design ethos, keep your eye out on our LinkedIn and Instagram.


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