• FIRA International awards ‘Ergonomics Excellence’ to SBFI

    Following extensive testing for ergonomics, structural and safety requirements, FIRA International has awarded our trading desking range the International Ergonomics Excellence Award.

    International standard

    We are immensely proud that FIRA has recognised our team’s high-quality work. Our signature Aspect range and family of products has proven to meet the demands of the modern workplace, driving innovation across countless industries, and improving our client’s working practices.


    Created inhouse by our expert team, our designs have met multiple standards including the ergonomic design of control centers and workstations (BS EN 11064: 2013), fully height adjustable and selectable desking standards (BS EN 527 TYPE A and B) and the requirements for office work with visual display terminals (BS EN ISO 9241).


    As we create fresh solutions for our clients’ needs, we are delighted that our continued work in creating accessible and inclusive designs (BS 8300-2: 2018) has shown how we have grown as an organisation, continuing to improve and strive forward.

    Fira International Ergonomics Excellence Award Logo

    Ergonomics Excellence Criteria

    The FIRA International Ergonomics Excellence Award recognises companies that design and manufacture ergonomically outstanding products, especially those that meet and generally exceed British and European standards and FIRA’s own standards and requirements.

    To achieve Ergonomics Excellence, FIRA Senior Ergonomist Levent Çaglar visited our offices and independently assessed that we follow high-quality standards and have a good environmental policy.

    Other factors evaluated include how our furniture meets appropriate ergonomic criteria, how user-friendly our products are, and how our products promote comfort, well-being, and safety.

    ‘SBFI, a leading desking manufacturer, has always worked closely with FIRA’s Ergonomics Unit to keep them informed of the latest developments in ergonomics. This approach has enabled them to design and manufacture not only a premium product, but a product which complies with the latest standards.’

    Levent Çaglar

    Head of Ergonomics FIRA.

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