• SBFI Group – The rebrand story

    We have rebranded!


    We set out to create a holistic brand identity system that would support a global and rapidly growing business. The brand language, guidelines and strategy all will aid the growth and development of each sub brand in their own market areas. The fresh new visual identity for SBFI Group will inform all aspects of the business from packing tape to our fitters uniforms, to our understanding of ourselves as a brand. This revitalisation of our heritage has allowed SBFI group to reposition itself to best service each market. Internally and externally, we have established the basis of a new era for SBFI Group and are extremely proud of the positive impact that this will have on the business.

    Roots in design


    We worked closely with our internal project design teams to inform the branding project and it was our design led approach that drove the re brand forward and inspired its origins. Two projects are never the same and designs are always used in different combinations to create new and relevant solutions to meet particular needs.

    The classic Bauhaus design movement was a massive influence in terms of the theory behind the brand system and keeping things simple, as well as the typography which we wanted to be clean, modern and timeless.

    A system


    When looking at the brand identity and logo mark, telling a story was the most important thing for us and we wanted to convey this through the use of an abstract logo system.  The logo mark design began with SBFI’s original and ever present global circle, featured in several previous logo’s and part of our heritage. Working with this we were able to develop the idea that in every design we produce there are an abundance of parts used in a variety of different ways. Each shape in the new logo therefore represents a part and features a subtle adjustment whilst all being based on the original circle. When used together in combination, these shapes represent a collection or completed design.

    Custom typeface


    Our fresh new brand typeface, created specifically for the SBFI Group features a classic design and timeless aesthetic. Used across our brands, this typeface will create consistency and a contemporary theme for our external and internal documents.



    4 brand new websites were created with fresh content and user friendly navigation, allowing our customers and clients to find the information that they need quickly and effectively.  Whilst following the same design language and custom designed theme, all sites feature their signature brand colour representing their unique offering to that particular market.



    We have been hard at work, designing and installing the latest and greatest products at our brand new showroom in London as well as a complete refurb. Our New York, Chicago, Beijing and Hong Kong showrooms will also be undergoing works, so stay tuned for more information and get in touch to book an appointment wherever you may be.

    Thank you!


    A huge thank you to the staff at SBFI Group who work tirelessly to deliver excellent quality products and services to our clients. Our staff played a huge part in the re brand, allowing us to hone and focus the group of brands into something that really reflects our culture. Also a big thank you to all of our clients and partners who provided in depth feedback and guidance when it came to understanding our brand.

    Photo taken of SBFI Group Design & Operations – Newhaven, UK

    Written by Jonathan Heard – Designer at SBFI Group

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