• Our New Exhibition Design – DPRTE 2024

    Often prioritising eye-catching visuals, exhibitions are notorious for single-use materials and installations. In a bid to minimise our physical effect in both the short and long run, we are proud to have devised a reusable, modular stand for events across the SBFI Group. Most recently, we put this to the test at DPRTE 2024, a defence procurement event.

    Responsible Design

    The Horizon Consoles stand (a subsidiary of SBFI Group) showcased both innovative control console solutions and a dedication to sustainable, enduring design. We consciously departed from the typical exhibition model, opting for a minimalist, functional design that reflected our core values. The build resultingly concluded as a hard-wearing foundation to showcase our product.

    Modular construction, like our consoles, offers flexibility for changing requirements. It’s designed for easy assembly, reuse, and expanded compatibility. The solution ensures it can be utilised effectively at future exhibitions, making it an investment rather than a temporary expense. The stand incorporated the same high-quality, responsibly sourced materials as in our accredited desks, demonstrating our commitment beyond the product.

    “Our goal at DPRTE 2024 was to create a stand that authentically reflected Horizon Consoles’ commitment to both innovation and sustainability. We wanted to move beyond the standard exhibition model and build something that would resonate with our values and our audience. The positive response, especially from architects and designers, confirms we achieved that goal.” – Edd Topple, R&D Manager

    Horizon Consoles integrates sustainability into every aspect of our operations. From the design of the products with materials, longevity, modularity and operator welfare – to brand presence in showrooms, factories and events, ensuring the consistency and values echo that of the product. This new chapter of stand design is estimated to last Horizon Consoles 5+ years, offering practical recycling options at the end of its life. Follow us on our journey to a more sustainable company by 2026.

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