• Sustainability Team

    Driving our sustainable efforts is no easy task. We are devoted to being responsible corporate citizens, doing our part to address the environmental concerns facing the planet. SBFI Group discovered quickly that the challenge of change is not a one-person job; to drive our commitment to the environment, we are pleased to announce the formation of the SBFI Sustainability Team!

    With a representative from APAC, EMEA and North America, our newly formed team will oversee the motion of our environmental efforts, honing its messaging and results. We hope this new board encourages open conversations with clients and employees, helping shape our direction.

    “It’s my honor to be part of the Sustainability Team. Being one of the “oldest” employees in our Asia Pacific office, I always wanted to take up more responsibility and contribute more to the company and our society. I usually pick environmentally friendly products and try to participate recycle programs in my neighborhood. I understand Environment is only one of the topics in Sustainability, so I appreciate being part of the team allows me to learn more about Sustainability.”

    Kennex Hui will assist with our environmental efforts in APAC. She has been with SBFI Group for 17 years.

    Kennex Hui

    Kennex Hui

    Sales & Project Manager, APAC

    Andrew Edwards

    Andrew Edwards

    Head of Design, EMEA

    “I am thrilled to be part of the SBFI Group Sustainability team, which has ambitious targets of delivering tangible changes towards our climate and social goals.

    Working with a hugely talented team of designers and engineers, I have the goal of reimagining sustainable products from the ground up and taking real responsibility for how we produce them.

    It is going to be an exciting new chapter for our global business, underpinned by the values which set us apart.”

    Andrew Edwards will assist with our environmental efforts in EMEA. He has been with SBFI Group for 21 years.

    “I am excited to be part of the SBFI Group Sustainability Team, which is centered around making palpable efforts toward ecological changes both at work and at home.

    This opportunity enables me to work with talented people across our global footprint to collaborate on unique ideas and similar goals focused around sustainable practices. This combined effort allows us to come together and make a significant impact as we work toward our end goal of taking responsibility for how we impact our climate.

    I could not be more proud to be a part of our global team that wants to make a real difference together.”

    Jennifer Taylor will assist with our environmental efforts in the Americas. She has been with SBFI Group for 13 years.

    Jennifer Taylor

    Jennifer Taylor

    Senior Account Director, Americas

    Our sustainability initiatives can tackle the next chapter by enhancing our ability to identify and address environmental and wellness concerns across global operations. The team members will champion sustainability within their regions, helping to drive awareness and action on environmental issues.

    By working together, we can make a meaningful impact. Formation of the Sustainability Team is one of many commitments we look to propel in our ‘Fifty for 50’ campaign for the environment. The team will be instrumental in our forward-going efforts and ensuring that performance aligns with our company values and priorities.

    We look forward to the valuable contributions the Sustainability Team will deliver through this journey; we invite you to participate in our initiatives by subscribing to our Fifty for 50 campaign.

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