Case study: UBS

Expansive trading floor utilising SBFI’s Aspect trading desk with sit-stand adjustment.

UBS Trading Floor

5 Broadgate is the world-class headquarters for financial services firm UBS and we were proud to be selected as the furniture manufacturer for the project.

filing storage on trading floor

The bold design – in the form of a machined metal object, accommodates 4 large trading floors, home for more than 2,000 of our state of the art water-cooled trading desks. The cooling strategy was developed with Hurley Palmer Flatt, and Aspect Monocool was selected for its high cooling capacity and the simplicity in integrating controls with the Building Management System.

rows of trading desks

The project raised the bar for office and workplace design as one of the greenest commercial office developments in the City of London. The recycled content and regional materials used to make Aspect contributed to the project achieving the highest levels of sustainability.

ubs office london

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