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Office Design Should Focus on People, Not Just the Work They Do

1st December 2014

The workplace plays an important role for most organisations, itís a significant overhead and can influence productivity by 20%. More companies are looking at how they get the most from their office but many are still poorly designed and can have a negative impact. How can better design help employees be at their best?

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Office Space: What Does the Ideal Workplace Look Like?

3rd December 2014

Everybody works differently therefore it can be difficult for organisations to create the ideal workplace. Cubicles donít work, they reduce the ability for collaboration and therefore hinder idea creation and innovation. Open offices on the other hand often can cause too many distractions. Is there a happy medium to create the ideal office?

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3 Workplace Trends to Watch for in 2015 (and Beyond)

4th December 2014

A Chief of Work, extinction of the cubicle and AI are the trends to watch. How artificial intelligence could transform the workplace has been a popular topic recently, especially since Stephen Hawking shared his views on this. However this is a trend for beyond 2015. Whether the cubicle will disappear in 2015 is arguable, people increasingly want more privacy and time to focus. Firms wonít scrap the open office but are likely to have cubicle like private spaces for when workers need to focus.

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How to Design a Collaborative Environment Steve Jobs Would Approve Of

5th December 2014

Steve Jobs wasnít only meticulous about the design of Appleís products but also about the design of the workspace. During his time at Pixar he insisted there were an atrium where people would have to pass through, aiming to increase the likelihood of chance meetings and collaboration. Also essential to the workplace is technology something that Apple does particularly well to create an optimal workspace.

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5 Way to Make Your Workspace Work for You?

9th December 2014

Investing in your workspace can have a positive impact on your work. It can not only increase productivity and quality of work but also make you happier. According to productivity experts a workspace must be functional and emotionally fulfilling, this article suggests five ways that help create these elements in your workspace.

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Third of European Workplaces to Introduce Wearable Technology in 2015

12th December 2014

Although many organisations expect to see wearable technology in the office next year, research suggests that most companies are not prepared for the impact they could have on the workplace. The main concerns are the network performance and security issues that companies could face.

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The Complete Guide to Sitting at Your Desk

16th December 2014

Standing desks now seem to be everywhere and while there are many benefits including increased productivity, sit-stand workstations arenít for everyone and some tasks are easier done when seated. However sitting for long periods causes aches and pains. This article provides some tips in helping to reduce them.

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Time to Get Back a Sense of Proportion About Sitting Down

18th December 2014

Has the craze of standing at the office gone too far? According to this article it has and we´d have to agree if this design, that eliminates the ability to sit, were ever implemented in an actual office. The workspace should be designed around people and people still need to sit regularly to be efficient and remain healthy.

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Make Your Work Resolutions Stick

29th December 2014

If youíve made a work related resolution or even just have goals that you aim to achieve at work, this article from the Harvard Business Review has some great pointers to help you. What kind of resolutions should you make and how can you stay motivated?

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The 10 Coolest Office Spaces Of 2014

31st December 2014

What makes a workplace cool is open to debate but this selection of companies have each done their best to create spaces that people want to work in, help them be happy and improve productivity. Running tracks, cocktail bars and indoor gardens are just a few design ideas that might help achieve this.

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