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For over 40 years, SBFI has been designing and manufacturing control consoles, helping to create advanced working environments.

From emergency services to network operations; we have the breadth of experience to supply control room consoles and furniture which offer the best solutions specific to your project.


Aspect is the world's leading ergonomic control console, with height adjustment and full-width foot-space, no matter the technology and cabling you require.

The Aspect console is incredibly versatile, it meets your control room's technology and ergonomic needs now and in the future.

Control Centre Desk
Bespoke furniture solutions

Bespoke Control Consoles

From our design centres in Europe, Asia, and North America we create tailored control room furniture and support you as new technologies enter your market.

Our engineers will prototype and develop your control room consoles, always providing state-of-the-art solutions.

Design Support

We're with you at every step of the project from initial design to installation.

We help plan your concepts by creating stunning animations and walk-throughs of the consoles and the control room design. This allows you to visualise and refine furniture solutions before the construction process begins.

control room design plan
Custom console design

Human Factors

Our expertise is in providing the interface between technology and people.

In control centre environments this is more important than ever, which is why we lead the market with control consoles that not only meet, but exceed ergonomic and thermal comfort guidelines.


Our control room furniture solutions provide rapid access, intuitive organisation and efficient use of space for your equipment, power and cabling.

Tailored display wall solutions can be finished to match the style and design of your control room desks and furniture.

Our Axiom flat screen arm is supported by a range of accessories specifically made for control centre console such as radio holsters, touch screen connection and user height adjustment.

24-7 PC access desk

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